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Soulseek Netlimiter crash bug workaround fix

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this goddamn problem of Soulseek crashing every 5 minutes with Netlimiter installed. I have the “classic” 1.30 version of NL, because I simply like it and continually use it after all those years. I couldn’t use Soulseek normally because of this bug that keeps crashing slsk.exe when nl_lsp.dll is present (this latter file belongs to Netlimiter and it integrates in the system to “watch” every connection, so there’s no way to just shut it down like a service or program).

So, here’s what to do. Open the registry editor (regedit). Search for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/LockTime/Netlimiter/settings/bypassed”. Create a DWORD value there, value name: “c:program filessoulseeknsslsk.exe” or whatever directory your Soulseek is installed. Value data should be 1 with hexadecimal base.

Reboot and ta-daaa. Netlimiter will not monitor Soulseek at all and all the good music will just keep on downloading for you. And I’m pretty sure this works with all similar bugs, for instance I suspect nod32 and other software crash or freeze too with Netlimiter installed. However, I didn’t test it with newer versions of NL, so I don’t know.


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